Requirements for signing Club permit Forms.

Effective 31/1/2015

VicRoads have implemented changes to its Club Permit Scheme (CPS).

Like any government paperwork it is quite involved but should not make any significant changes to the majority of our club members.

In brief:

  •  Cars must pass a roadworthy. Clubs can no longer perform their own vehicle        inspections on vehicles produced after December 31 1948. (No change for our club.)   
  •   Roadworthy stations will work on a list of acceptable modifications. If your vehicle is outside these accepted modifications you will require a VASS certificate (engineers report) and once passed will be issued with an M (Modified) number plate rather than the standard H plate.
  •   A new CPS application form has been issued. These must be used from the 31/1/15. Old forms cannot be used.
  •  A new form “Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration Form” Must be completed when a new vehicle is put on the CPS.
  •   More record keeping is required by the club including a min of 6 photos for a new Vehicle.
  •   Increased responsibility on the Club to monitor and report breaches of the CPS. I.e. To have a vehicle on the CPS you must be a financial member of a recognised club. If your membership expires the club must inform VicRoads within 7 days of the expiry date that you are un-financial.

Detailed information regarding these changes can be found on the VicRoads site by following the link below.  this site also includes links to Vehicle Standards Information (VSI) associated with the CPS.

  •   VSI 33 Guidelines for Modifications to vehicles operated under Victoria’s CPS.
  •   VSI 08 Guide to Modifications for Motor Vehicles.

Note: Most basic modifications of the period are allowed for vehicles such as wheels, carbs, manifolds etc., including factory options that were available in the model providing the resulting increase in HP is not greater than that permitted for your engine capacity.

More involved modifications such as some engine swaps/upgrades, diff changes and structural changes may require a VASS certificate.

Please refer to the associated VSI’s for information and if in doubt seek professional advice from a VicRoads approved engineer.

A full listing of VicRoads approved engineers is available from the VicRoads website.

 Three engineers that visit Mildura at various times are:

1: Peter Turner. Peter Turner Consulting. 03 5473 4380 -

2. Andrew George. Sigma Tech. 0407 521 565 –

3. Stuart Croser. Tonkin Consulting. 03 50214486 –

To ensure our club complies with VicRoads requirements and meets its legal obligations we must maintain accurate records of member’s vehicles on the CPS. The following procedure must be followed when first putting a vehicle on the CPS system and when a yearly renewal is required.

MMCC Membership.

To be eligible to put a vehicle on the CPS you must first be a member of our club and have a current membership card before any CPS paperwork can be processed. Your application must first be received and approved by the club committee at a committee meeting. This process can take up to 5 weeks.

Adding a new vehicle to the VicRoads CPS.

       1.  Ensure your vehicle is eligible to be on the CPS and will be accepted by the MMCC before obtaining a RWC. Some vehicles may require further consideration by the committee. Contact the club if you have any questions.

        2. Obtain a copy of the CPS application form from the VicRoads office and a copy of the Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration form 

3. Take a minimum of 6 photos of the vehicle.

Note: The first 4 photos must be taken square on with the car. No angle shots can be accepted. See sample photos below.

1.    Front.

2.    Passenger side.

3.    Rear.

4.    Driver’s side.

5.     Driver’s position. (Side on with the driver’s door open. Must be able to see the seating position and steering wheel/dash.)

6.     Engine bay. Bonnet open. Clear shot of engine bay.

Note: Electronic photos are preferred and must be received before paperwork can be signed. Photos can be sent to the club email, Club phone or the phone of the CPS signatory signing your paperwork.

4.   Obtain a RWC. (If your vehicle is modified a VASS certificate may be required to pass the RWC). Note: The RWC should be obtained as close as possible to the time of signing the CPS paperwork as it is valid for only 30 days.

5.Complete a MMCC Members Information Update Form to ensure our records are kept up to date. Forms available from CPS signatories.

6. Present The CPS paperwork, RWC, photos, information update form and your membership card to an authorised club signatory at a monthly club meeting. Paperwork for new vehicles entering the CPS will not be signed outside a Club Meeting.

7. The club signatory will ensure the member is financial (a current membership card must be presented), confirm the RWC is valid & ensure the photos are correct. Once completed the signatory will then stamp, date and sign the CPS paperwork as required.

8. The member can then present the completed paperwork to VicRoads and get the CPS plates and log book.

9.  Within 7 days of receiving the plates forward to the club secretary a photo of the front of your vehicle showing the plate fitted and a photo of the label attached to the windscreen.

Renewing an existing permit:

1. Members must present their club permit paperwork and current membership card to one of our authorised signatories (preferably at a monthly club meeting).

2.  A member’s information update form will also need to be completed if your contact details have changed over the past 12 months. This ensures our records are kept up to date.

The club permit signatory must: 

1Prior to signing any paperwork, ensure the member is financial by viewing their current membership card and have the member complete an information update form if their details have changed since the last signing. Once completed the signatory will then stamp, date and sign the paperwork as required. 

2.The signatories will then forward the photos to the club secretary for processing.

Note: CPS paperwork cannot be signed unless the required information as listed above is presented to the signatory at the time of signing. 

This applies to new applications and renewals.

Chief signatory: Wayne Oliver.

Club phone for Vic CPS  0429 908 160

 VicRoads signatories authorised to sign new C.P.S applications & Renewals.

-       Wayne Oliver

-       Troy Dowley

 -       Jeff McKeon                  

VicRoads signatories authorised to sign C.P.S renewals only.   

-       Phil Hutchinson

-       Tony Diwell

-       Steve Koronis

-       Tania McKeon 

N.S.W. R.M.S Signatory’s

- Steve Pollesel            PH: 0427 415 161    

- Robert Daymond        PH: 0428 276 440 

- Jonathon Oliver         PH: 0407 418 801       (Broken Hill)


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Example CPS Photos below.

First 6 photos must be presented to the club before placing a new vehicle on the CPS.

Photo No 1. - Front of vehicle. -  Taken square to vehicle and clear.

Photo No 2 - Left Hand Side of vehicle. - Taken square to vehicle and clear.

Photo No 3. - Rear of vehicle. - Taken square to vehicle and clear.

Photo No 4. - Rear of vehicle. - Taken square to vehicle and clear.

Photo No 5. - Drivers seating position. Taken from outside vehicle with door open looking in.

Photo must be clear.

Photo No 6. Engine bay. Must be clear.

Optional photos can be provided showing engine No and chassis number if easy to see.

Final 2 photos.

To be received by the club within 7 days of receiving your CPS plates and log book from VicRoads.

Photo 7. Front view of vehicle with new CPS plate fitted. Must be clear.

Photo 8. CPS label fitted to the vehicle windscreen. Must be clear.