Welcome to the Rare Spares Loyalty Club!

Rare Spares want to reward you and our club (MMCC) for your passion and involvement in the car industry, and for keeping the cars we love on the roads!

How the club works

This exclusive club is only available to members of Car Clubs and is designed to reward both you and our club!
The Mildura Muscle Car Club is registered with Rare Spares, members can sign up and begin accumulating points for every dollar spent in store and online. Club cards must be presented (or number entered online) when purchasing to receive points which can be redeemed for some fantastic rewards which are outlined below.

How our club is rewarded.

  • Exclusive invites to Project Partner nights.
  • Every dollar spent at Rare Spares by our members count as one point for our club. The club can then trade points for fantastic rewards that go towards equipment for the club or vouchers that are returned to members in the form of prizes at events. 
  • Exclusive promotions available to your club *NEW*
  • Exclusive access to Rare Spares sponsored events *NEW*

How you are rewarded as a member.

  • Receive 10% off all Rare Spares products at all Rare Spares exclusive distributors (in store only)
  • Earn valuable rewards to benefit your club
  • Receive information on the latest products and specials for your specific vehicle